AH-PENG Claudine - Project manager

Claudine completed her PhD in Botany in 2007 at the University of La Réunion, she then did her post doctoral studies at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Her ongoing research focuses on understanding patterns of diversity and distribution of bryophytes along elevational gradients on islands. Her research fields in bryology range from taxonomy, biogeography, and conservation of these non-vascular plants to their role in cloud water interception and retention in tropical montane cloud forests. She is also involved in long term monitoring programs of vegetation on islands.

FLORES Olivier - DnA (Data & Analysis)

During his PhD in Population Biology and Ecology, Olivier studied the role of disturbance and dispersal in tropical forest dynamics in French Guiana. Moving from the tropics to more temperate systems, he followed on the dynamics of New Zealand forests in relation with invasive herbivores and climate change. After a post-doc on evolutionary patterns in plant functional traits, he joined the team on Réunion island where his research interests are now in processes involved in biodiversity patterns and dynamics. Olivier is also involved in master students teaching and training in ecology and data analysis.

STAMENOFF Pierre - Technician

"I am a technician in scientific instrumentation and experiment in the « Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers de La Réunion (OSU-R) at the University of la Réunion. I handle the exploitation and the maintenance of the scientific devices set up within the forest Research station (Meteorological station, physical sensors…). I have a Master's Degree in Biodiversity and Tropical Ecosystems and my main interests are Botanic, Climatic change, Biodiversity and Conservation."

STRASBERG Dominique -The Boss (Director and Supervisor)

Dominique Strasberg is Professor of Ecology at the University of Reunion Island. His research interests include small oceanic island tropical rainforest ecology and the role of perturbations and biological invasions in island plant community dynamics. He has led a major research program on the South-West Indian Ocean Biodiversity Hotspot (ANR BIOTAS). He is currently chairing the Scientific Council of the Reunion National Park, dealing with conservation issues and the Reunion World Heritage Site IAS management plan.

TURPIN Jimmy - Maintenance man

"I live in Saint-Philippe; Dominique Strasberg trained me in the field work, as he made his thesis, I am responsible for the general upkeep and safety of the station, I have a personal interest in forest plants and traditional methods of vanilla cultivation."

VALERY Audrey - Booking and communication

"I have a Master Degree in Biodiversity and Tropical Ecosystems. My company, Even&Sciences, manages Mare-Longue Research Station (booking, researcher reception, communication and project development). I also take part in field sessions with the scientists."