Mai 2017

Zosterops complex 

In May 2017, the team led by Christophe Thébaud and Borja Mila with 

  • Marie Manceau, CNRS-College de France;
  • Benoit Nabholz, University Montpellier;
  • Maeva Gabrielli, PhD student

came back to Reunion to continue the ongoing efforts to understand the evolution of Reunion grey white-eyes (Zosterops borbonicus complex). 

They conducted the annual field capture-recapture program in Bois Ozoux and Gite du Pas de Bellecombe and put colour rings on several dozens of new birds this year. They then turned to a new area which holds great promise for understanding why Zosterops borbonicus look different in different parts of Reunion : the Cilaos Cirque. In total the team captured and ringed 160 birds in two weeks, hoping to come back in 2018.

The Zosterops Team 2017 (from left to right : Benoit Nabholz, Maeva Gabrielli, Borja Mila, Marie Manceau, Christophe Thebaud; photo taken near Piton de Tangue, Piton de La Fournaise. May 15, 2017.

Borja Mila holding a brown morph of the upland form of Zosterops borbonicus; photo taken at Gros-Galet, Cilaos. May 17, 2017