News Station de Marelongue

    April 19th, 2013

    BEST Project: Creating new protected areas in public forests of Reunion and Mayotte

    The purpose of this trip was to visit various protected areas established in the public forests in Reunion, discover the actions undertaken or in progress and meet the different actors involved in the protected side of the "Office National des Forêts"
    The research station opened its doors to showcase its facilities, research programs and different purpose: research, training and knowledge transfer.
    The Delegation of Mayotte will consist of technical staff, managers and leaders of organizations directly involved in the creation and management of protected areas in Mayotte:

    - Léonard Durasnel (Conseil Général, Service Patrimoine naturel)
    - Daniel Lesur (Conseil Général, Service des Ressources Forestières)
    - Naïlane-Attoumane Attibou (Conseil Général, Service des Ressources Forestières)

    - Capucine Crosnier (DEAL)
    - Philippe René Richard (DAAF)
    - Guillaume Viscardi (CBNM)
    - Kamardine Ahamed (Conservatoire du Littoral)

    - Laurent Mercy (ONF)
    - Soulaïmana Issouffou (ONF)